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libsvmCBE: optimized training of Support Vector Machines on the Cell Broadband Engine

About libsvmCBE

libsvmCBE is an optimized version of libsvm for the Cell Processor. libsvmCBE performs the kernel matrix evaluation across the available SPEs; this improves the training time, as the kernel function is evaluated millions of times in real-world datasets. libsvmCBE has been developed and tested on a Sony Playstation®3 running Yellow Dog Linux. You don't need the proprietary IBM Cell SDK to compile and run libsvmCBE, as everything it needs (compilers, libraries and header files) is already included in the YDL distribution.

For a detailed description of the original libsvm software, please visit the official libsvm page. The Cell-optimized version libsvmCBE is described in the following paper:

An early draft of the paper above appeared as Technical Report UBLCS-2010-02, Department of Computer Science, University of Bologna, February 2010


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