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In theory, theory equals practice.
In practice, they differ

Paper-count-based ranking schemes are often defended as "objective." They are also less time-consuming and less expensive than procedures that involve careful reading. Unfortunately, an objective measure of contribution is frequently contribution-independent.

David Lorge Parnas, Stop the numbers game, Comm. ACM, 50(11), 2007 pp. 19–21

[The current model of scientific publications] is incredibly inefficient under every perspective, and results in a colossal waste of public funding [...] It is a system deeply rooted in the past, oblivious to the advent of the Web and related new forms of communication, information sharing, social networking and reputation.

F. Casati, F. Giunghiglia, M. Marchese, Publish and perish: why the current publication and review model is killing research and wasting your money, ACM Ubiquity

Simone Santini, We are sorry to inform you..., IEEE Computer, 38(12). Dec 2005

The reality is that evaluating quality and impact is difficult, while counting beans is easy. But bean counting leads to inflation—if 10 papers are better than five, then surely 15 papers are better than 10!

Moshe Y. Vardi, Incentivizing Quality and Impact in Computing Research, Comm. ACM 58, 2015


A partial list of my publications is on my ACM author profile, DBLP, Google Scholar. My ORCID identifier is ORCID logo


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Research Projects I have been involved with

EU project 956560 REGALE (An open architecture to equip next generation HPC applications with exascale capabilities)
Progetto TIME (Tecnologia Integrata per la Mobilità Elettrica) PO/FESR Emilia Romagna 2014–2020
Coordinator of ISCRA project HP10CCPDJC PACNA (Parallel Algorithms for Complex Networks Analysis).
ISCRA project HP10CAVBM0 H-PADS2: Adaptive Parallel And Distributed Simulation on HPC (part 2) (project coordinator: Gabriele D'Angelo)
Raspèin Project: a cheap computing cluster based on Raspberry PI (project coordinator: Gabriele D'Angelo)
ISCRA project HP10CET6KC HPC-PADS: Adaptive Parallel And Distributed Simulation on HPC (project coordinator: Gabriele D'Angelo)
Coordinator of ISCRA project HP10CR15I1 PAGA (Parallel Algorithms for Graph Analysis).
FIRB project n. RBFR107725 Monitoraggio delle Informazioni, Modelli di Propagazione e Community Detection nei siti di Social Networking (Information Monitoring, Propagation Analysis and Community detection in Social Network Sites).
EU project INFSO-RI-222667 EGEE-3. I worked in the JRA1 Activity (Middleware Re-engineering).
EU project INFSO-RI-031844 OMII-Europe. I was coordinator of the JRA1/Job Submission task.
EU project INFSO-RI-508833 EGEE
Progetto FIRB: Performance Evaluation of Complex Systems: Techniques, Methodologies and Tools.
Progetto MURST cofinanziato Sahara.
BaBar collaboration.
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